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 Engineering Analysis of Energy Systems

  • Energy Simulation and Energy Audit Utilizing in-house application for Doe-2 & eQuest
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency programs
  • Research analysis of energy efficient technologies
  • Feasibility study of power generation projects
  • Energy forecasting and End-use load shape modeling
  • Creation of cutting-edge computer modeling programs
  • Development of Energy Standards
  • Energy Incentive/rebate calculations & verifications


Facility Mechanical Design

  • HVAC System Design and Load Calculation
  • HVAC Control Systems Design
  • Plumbing System Design
  • CAD Services

Energy Audit

  • Commercial and residential on-site surveys and audits
  • Industrial and agricultural surveys
  • Institutional survey and audits
  • Title-24 walk-through surveys


End Use Monitoring, Commissioning and TAB

  • Development of measurement and verification plan
  • End use monitoring of building energy systems
  • Total Commissioning
  • Retro Commissioning / ReCommissioning
  • Testing Adjusting and Balancing of Air and Water Systems


Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Design Assitance for energy efficient HVAC systems design, building design, building enevelop selection. Scheme


  • Analysis of smoke, noise and sound propagation.
  • Development of flow pattern as well as pressure and temperature distribution.

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