P1: As Needed Mechanical Engineering Services, City of San Diego, San Diego, CA
Sucessfully completed two (2) Engineering Design and Commsioning projects for the City of San Diego Public works group.  From 04/2016  to 04/2019

P2: Proposition 39 funded Energy Efficiency Opportunity Survey Analysis and Reporting Project, CA
On behalf of California Conservation Corps (CCC), completed the energy study of over 80 schools of various sizes including a high school of over 250,00 sqft.  EBA task included energy and financial analysis for various ECMs and generate the prop 39 reports.  Completed, 06/2015.


P3: Life Technologies, Energy Assessment Study for Life Technologies Buildings, Pleasanton, CA
On behalf of SC Engineers (prime), performed site investigation and analysis of two lab/office buildings (94,000 & 180,000 SF), central plant and a 47,000 SF warehouse. Report entails savings & payback of various measures for Capital investment.

P4: NAVFAC, HVAC Equipment and Control Engineering Assessment Project/Monterey, CA
On behalf of SC Engineers (prime), performed site investigation of 184,570 SF mixed use building that includese a large ball room , hotel rooms, office spaces and cafeteria. Develped project report that entails recommended measures for RCx and Capital investment.

P5: Camp Pendelton/ Mechanical and Shell Energy Audit, CA
On behalf of Sain Engineering Associates (prime), completed 69 (combined) Mechanical and Shell audits of 67 federal facilities. The task entailed study reports including energy conservation measures. Performed energy and financial analysis for assigned energy conservation measures.

P6: CPUC/ Embedded Energy Water Pilot Study/East Bay, CA
On behalf of Eco northwest (prime), completed the energy efficiency and intensity study of three pump stations. Completed 09/2011

P7: Alternative Energy & Efficiency Assessment (BEA) Study, Gulf Region
On behalf of Natron Resources (prime), completed the energy simulation for a design assistance study of a new construction project that assessed the combination of energy efficiency and alternative energy technologies that included cogeneration/absorption chiller options. From 12/2009 to 07/2010

P8: CPUC/ Industrial & Agricultural Evaluation Project, CA
On behalf of Itron/SDV ACCI (prime), developed measurement and verification plan for four sites. Completed the energy efficiency evaluation that required end use monitoring of HVAC equipment tied with the measure, site weather & benchmarking with the energy simulation as well as the delivery of the final project report. Period 04/2008 to 04/2009

9: Energy Analysis Athletic Facilities, CO

On behalf of AEC (prime), performed the energy analysis & design assistance of an athletic facilities of a college and high school that includes a natatoriums. The facilities were intending to achieve LEED certification.  

P10: CPUC/ Building Efficiency Assessment (BEA) Study, CA
On behalf of RLW Analytics (prime, now Kema), completed the energy evaluation of over 200 commercial new construction buildings. Task included energy audit and saving calculations of various measures implementing energy modeling.

P11: CEC/SCE PIER Zero Energy Homes Project, Lancaster, CA
Worked with Architectural Energy Corporation (AEC) contracting with SDV/ACCI on a NET ZERO residential project that included the installation of data monitoring systems.

P12: SDG&E/PECI San Diego Retro-Commissioning, CA
Worked with Architectural Energy Corporation (AEC) on the San Diego Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Project o Sheraton Harbor Island RCx. EBA task includes site investigation and overlooking the implementation phase.

: CEC/Energy Efficiency Study of College buildings,CA

Conducted site investigation, recommendation of measures, energy calculation /simulation on various existing college buildings in San Bernardino. Worked under Digital Energy contracting with SDV/ACCI.

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