EBA Performance Data Provider (PDP) Services

EBA is a conditionally approved Performance Monitoring Provider for both the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) and the California Solar Initiative (CSI) administrated by CCSE, SCE and PG&E. 


Type of Data Services Provided

  • Electrical Generation Metering
  • Thermal Output Metering
  • Fuel Consumption Metering




Why Use EBA Metering Services?


  1. Our Electric meters have the capability of accurately measuring the parameters complying with the ANSI C12.20 or IEC687. Please see below the accuracy and display range of our Electro Industries SHARK Series meters that we will use for the CSI PDP program.


Measured Parameters

Accuracy %

Display Range

Voltage L-N


0-9999 Scalable V or KV

Voltage L-L


0-9999 Scalable V or KV



0-9999 Amps or kAmps

+/- Watts


0-9999 Watts, kWatts, MWatts

+/- Wh


5 to 8 digits programmable



0-9999 VA or kVA, MVA



+/- 0.5 to 1.0


+/- 0.03 Hz

45 to 65 Hz


+/- 2%

1 to 99.99%



2.       Our FLEXIM Thermal and Fuel Metering systems perform Ultrasonic Non-Intrusive Measurement with superior temperature measurement and are equipped with a wet flow calibration.  They are certified with traceable accuracy of both flow and temperature measurement and with extremely high turndown range, ability to measure low flow rates.  


The installed accuracy of our meters is typically better than 1%.  Our meters temperature measurement system provides a differential measurement uncertainty of better than 0.015 /0.03 Degree Celsius.


3.       Our meters have the capability to provide email alert notification during systems or data communications failure.  Our data acquisition system can perform complex operation and data management and can activate multiple relays as desired for various control applications.


4.       EBA is located in San Diego, CA in close proximity to the sites and our metering systems manufacturer has 24 hours customer service with a representative in Southern California.


5.       EBA gives a high priority to protect the customer’s meter data. EBA utilizes a Cloud Server solution that has a Four Quadrant Design that protects against data corruption and possible data loss due to hardware failure. EBA leverages Microsoft DAGs (Database Availability Groups) with real-time replication between quadrants. The infrastructure is designed to replicate data multiple times within one data center as well as on remote backup. Beyond that, EBA adheres to proven security and compliance practices and has a strict privacy policy.


Our datacenter, Intermedia maintains at least three copies of customer’s meter your data. Two of the copies reside on physical disks in separate corners of the database quadrants, ensuring service availability in the event one of our EMC or Hitachi units’ servers experience a failure. A third copy is archived to tape.  Tapes will be archived for five years before being erased and recycled. 


6.       Our meters are scalable and are capable of measuring and monitoring power qualities associated with power anomalies, harmonics, voltage sags, outages, and transients, over interval periods.  Our meters can also generate data for Zero Crossing Error Analysis, Notch Analysis and Voltage Unbalance Analysis. 


7.       EBA is located in Southern California and is in close proximity to the customers.  Since EBA is a member of NECA San Diego, we can tap into local certified NECA electricians in San Diego and if needed in other areas of California to install our meters.


8.       EBA is a sustainable consulting engineering firm and can assist clients on other studies that has synergy with its metering service in various area listed below in addition to its current  Solar and Alternative Energy Systems Metering service.


·         Measurement and Verification - IPMVP Protocol (facility and end-use systems)

·         Energy Analysis - Doe-2, eQuest, E. Plus.  Benchmarking, Load Management

·         Energy Audit - ASHRAE Level I, II, III

·         Conservation Measures, Utility Rate Structures, Financial Analysis

·         Design - HVAC Systems Design and Control, Integrated design

·         Commissioning - Retro Cx, Re Cx, Continuous Cx, Lighting Control

·         Demand Response, Integrated Design, Process Load & Control Optimization

·         Energy Star,  LEED, Net Zero, EPAct, T-24, ASHRAE high performance

·         Feasibility Study Distribution Energy, Solar, Solar thermal, CHP, Micro turbine

·         HVAC and Solar Construction management


9.       EBA utilizes professional firm dedicated to data conversion to deliver the desired EDI format to CCSE


10. EBA team includes qualified engineers working in the industry for over 23 years having applicable technical certifications and license that include PE, CEM, LEED AP BD+C, CMVP, QCP and CALCTP.


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